Chef Pierre Blueberry Muffin

Crafting a truly special muffin.

Our delightful muffins wake up breakfast menus with craft-made appeal and moist, tender texture. Whether filled with juicy Michigan blueberries, crispy Georgia pecans or topped with buttery streusel, they’re as creative as they are satisfying. A variety of flavors and sizes let you pick the perfect fit for your operation.




Whole Grain

Baking a delicious muffin, even better.

We improved the formulation of our top five on-trend bulk muffin flavors.

Top 5 on-trend flavors.

blueberry, bran, banana nut, cheese streusel, double chocolate

Gourmet toppings & ingredients.

streusel topping, whole wild blueberries, 100% semisweet chocolate chunks, real fruit purée, real cream cheese

Perfect imperfection.

natural, hand-crafted appearance, less uniform, moist, tender texture

Artisan appeal.

fit for trending preferences: 4.25 oz. muffins are now 4 oz.; 2.125 oz. muffins are now 2 oz.

Decadent design.

dressed in a dark brown paper with gold design and scalloped edges