Danish Pastry

Chef Pierre Demi-Danish

Scratch-made appearance. Gourmet appeal.

Our bakers hand-shape many of our Danish varieties before baking for a made-from-scratch look. From classic dough layers that lock in moisture to all-butter dough recipes for a rich, European Danish taste, each important detail creates a true gourmet experience.

  • Great variety meets different price points
  • Abundant, traditional almond, apple and raisin fillings – old-fashioned flavors patrons love
  • Mid-sized, perfect for premium continental breakfasts or room service baskets
  • Generous fruit and Neufchatel cheese fillings
  • Tender, moist dough holds well on display for hours
  • Individually Wrapped made with laminated Danish dough, delicious filling and sweet white icing for exceptional taste


Danish PastElite

Pastries Elite Danish


Danish Euro

European Style Danish


Danish Demi

IMPROVED Demi-Danish


Chef Pierre IW Apple Danish

IMPROVED Individually Wrapped Danish